Astrology for Winners book cover

Astrology for Winners

by John Savarese, B.A., M.A., NCGR-PAA (National Council for Geocosmic Research-Professional Astrologers' Alliance) Level 3



If you are an astrologer or a thoroughbred horse-racing fan, or you want to learn more about thoroughbred racing or astrology, you will enjoy reading this book. It provides the tools you need to pick a horse with the tendency to be the winner in a thoroughbred race. Basically you will need to create a chart of the race using the date, place and time of the race before the actual day of the race. You must then analyze this chart using the guidelines set forth in the book, including the use of lunar mansions, in order to see the planetary body that is most powerful in the chart. This planetary body has a post position number in the race. You then pick the horse in that post position, and you support picking this horse using the additional information in the book. The instructions together with examples are provided as well as how to open a wagering account, get past performance data to support your pick which can include the advice of expert handicappers, deal with the management of post positions at different racetracks which involves scratched horses and two-part/three-part entries, know if a race is a good one to wager on, know if you are lucky that day, know how to place various types of bets, know the payoffs from various odds, and even know how to watch the race on TV. Newly published in July 2016, Astrology for Winners is available for $21.95 from in a large 8.5" by 11" format or as an eBook.

John Savarese at the Sphinx
John Savarese at the Pyramids

About John Savarese

John Savarese was educated at Syracuse University and The City University of New York, Hunter College. He is an avid historian and outdoorsman with a continued interest in Astrology and Archeology. He has travelled to Europe, South America, the Eastern Mediterranean, and East Asia.

John Savarese B.A., M.A., NCGR-PAA (National Council for Geocosmic Research-Professional Astrologers' Alliance), Level 3.